7th Annual Santa Anita

Winners’ Circle BBQ Championship

Judges Wait List

Santa Anita Winners’ Circle BBQ judges are nearly all KCBS certified, many are Master Judges and have completed ADDITIONAL Advanced BBQ Judging Classes.

Thank you for your interest in judging our contest. Please be aware that this contest always has an excess of judges, as such we only take new judges (this includes table captains, etc.) on our waiting list. To get on this waiting list please use the form below. By completing this form, please understand that you will be placed on the judging wait list, and will be notified ONLY if (and when) needed, which could be just days (or even hours) before the event. Completing this form does NOT guarantee you will be accepted. Accepted judges will be notified as soon as it is determined that they are needed. In past years, we have made use of every single judge on the wait list, every year is different.

Your chances of being selected increase if you select “Table Captain” or “anything in the tent” 😉

Thank you for your support of our event. We do hope to see you in March!

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SAWC7 Judges