Team Info & F.A.Q – SOLD OUT

Q. How can I pay for my entry?

A. We take credit cards (via online payment), checks and cash! If you wish to pay by credit card, online, you may do on the secure payment page which you will see immediately after completing the form below. If you prefer to handle your payment by check or cash, just note this in the comments below, and we’ll send you all the info.

Q. When can I load in?

A. Arrival time begins at 5:00 am

Q. Where do I set up?

A. You will be provided an assigned space. Rib teams will be on Church Street. Chili or Salsa only may be on Church St or the Field.

Q. Where do I park my truck & trailer?

A. We have parking for you on the Bankhead field on Church St.

Q. What is my turn in time?

A. Turn in times will be provided shortly after you arrive and are set up

Q. Do I have to prepare everything on site?

A. Yes, Alameda County requires all cooking & preparation is done on site. The only item you can do is trim the ribs you are turning in for competition.

Q. Can I rub, season, or marinate the Ribs or Chili meat prior to my arrival on Saturday morning?

A. No

Q. Do I need to provide a turn in box & tray for Ribs for K of C?

A. No. We provide both to you.

Q. Do I need to provide a turn in chili container for competition & for K of C?

A. No. We provide both to you.

Q. Do I need to set up a wash station per Alameda County Rules?

A. No. We set up “shared” wash stations for you.

Q. Where do I dump my coals?

A. We provide metal cans for you to do so.

Q. When can I leave?

A. We hope you will stay until 4:00 – 5:00. However, we realize that is not always possible. Please let us know if you need to leave early so that we can ensure you are assigned to Church St.

Q. Do I need to bring a fire extinguisher?

A. Please do so. We appreciate it.

Q. How much do I need to cook?

A. Minimum of 6 bones or 1 qt of Chili or Salsa for competition. You also designate how much you are willing to cook extra for K of C sale.

Q. What else do I need?

A. A pop-up tent (shade is limited to not at all), booth decorations (new for this year is a “best booth” people’s choice competition), all the things you need for preparing your food, extension cords, generator (if not too noisy).

Q. Will electricity be available?

A. Yes. We have power that we run boxes from the 2nd street part of the field to Church St. For those on the field on the 3rd street side, we will set up a generator.

Q. What about playing music?

A. Other than when the Band is playing, it is ok to play music. Please understand, this is also a family event (with kids) so the music choice and noise level should be appropriate. In addition, we do provide DJ music.

Q. From what direction or street should I arrive from?

A. You can come in from either 2nd or 3rd street to Church St. You will need to make the appropriate turns to get your truck/trailer parked in the Bankhead field. We will provide further instructions via email leading up to the event.

Q. What are the rules for Ribs, Chili & Salsa?

A. Ribs follow KCBS rules. Chili follows ICS rules + we allow for Beans. Salsa – no specific organization. Sauce, veggies, spices. Can be hot, mild, sweet.

Q. How do I turn in my items for K of C sale?

A. We will come to you for pickup. We will have a golf cart for the teams on Church St. For those on the field, we will come pick them up.


Thank you, we are SOLD OUT!

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